Analysis Services

Professionally gather your requirements to be ready after that for the selection process with a clear scope.

Selection Services

Software selection is a strategies decision
TechScope fair enough as we have a partnership with most ERP solutions.
So, we select the most fit for your scope.

Implementation Services

Implements software based on standards and methodology that reduce implementation risk.

Training Services

For success of software project need to be sure that the team members’ familiar with the software and experienced.
TechScope focus on high training quality delivered to your team members.

Management Services

Our project managers monitor & manage your process to ensure successful and error-free implementation.

Support Services

We ready to support and help after Go live.
For instance we provide all kinds of support whether you need technical or business help.

Customized solution Services

No Fitting ERP System? No Problem! Not only do we analyze and provide ERP Systems that are leading in the market, but at TechScope we can build the solution that fits with your company’s needs

Business consultation Services

Valuable business recommendations will be available for your company for more success and profit
With high experience and more organized people to guide your business process

Organizational Restructuring Services

While we do the business analysis of your scope we got a recommendation for organizational structure and company policy and process to be sure of the quality and growth.
After that business analysis the picture will be more clear to enhance and update your structure.

Outsourcing Services

TechScope Outsourcing services provide you with the professional resource with a high control of management and trust of quality.

Outsourcing fields
Software Development, Business Consultation, Administration, Process Management and Human Resource Management

Mobile Application Development

We build a high professional Mobile Applications.
We help companies support their process and business.


Choose the most matched technical solution for your scope

In conclusion, manage the implementation process to be sure that the implementation well managed and gain the most benefits of the solution